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Welcome to the Iron Gameshop!

Buy-in and trade policy

Buy-in and trade policy Iron Gameshop


You can of course sell or trade your games and consoles with us.


Easiest is to send an e-mail to with your offer. Please provide clear pictures so we can offer you the best price possible. For international buy-in and trade please be aware of the following additional policy. If your items are not received in the way described or are packaged improperly and as such have suffered damage, we reserve the right to return these to you unstamped or reduce the amount received by the shipping costs for the returns.


Please also provide information if you wish to

  • Sell your items for cash
  • Sell for store credit
  • Trade, and against which in stock items


You can also contact us on Facebook, Messenger or Whatsapp (Number is below)

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.