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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. Shipping
  2. All items are shipped with tracking codes.

    Shipping is at the latest two working days (monday through friday) after payment was received. Exceptions may be posted on the main page.

  3. Return policy
  4. You may return any or all items of your order within 14 days without explanation. If you state your intent to return these items through e-mail or the contact form you will be given a reasonable amount of time to complete the return. Otherwise the returned items must be received by us within 14 days after delivery. You are responsible for the shipping costs of the return shipment. These return shipping costs will not be refunded.


    Sealed games can only be returned in a sealed condition. Upon breaking the seal the trial period expires. Whether or not an item is delivered to you in a sealed condition is stated on the item page.

  5. Warranty
  6. Most items in this webshop are considered second hand. This means that unless specifically stated on the item page there is no warranty applicable to the item. Second hand items may have traces of previous use. Any particularities will be mentioned on the item page.

  7. Payment options
  8. All our payments are processed through the Dutch Payment Provider Mollie. All fixed expenses related to the use of Mollie are paid by us, yet any additional expenses in relation to the selected payment method are calculated and shown while checking out your cart. These charges are shown on our payments page.

  9. Photos
  10. Photos shown on the item page are of that specific version of the item. That means that you will always receive the item as shown on the photo. High resolution photos are available upon request.

  11. Other copies
  12. Should there be multiple copies available of a specific item, you can find these in the side bar on the item page (or the bottom of the page on mobile phone) under the header "Other copies of this item". If you wish to order multiple copies of the same item, you have to add each item to your cart individually as each copy is considered unique with its own photo.

  13. Terms and conditions
  14. Many of these questions are part of our terms and conditions. There are available here in full.

  15. Privacy statement
  16. We value your and our privacy. You can read our privacy statement here.

  17. Cookies
  18. This site only uses functional cookies to manage your settings, shopping cart and provide 'flood control', in other words prevent misuse. Therefore we do not have a cookie wall.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.